In our practice we combine pragmatic design thinking with a belief in the power of aesthetics and an never ending interest in human needs as well as desires. Many of which are hidden for most until they are confronted with that perfect design solution.

We are involved in a variety of projects, interior design, products, furniture,  as well as design management consultants for clients in the manufacturing industry - in all of them we use design as a the tool to reach the goals of our clients, and ourselves.

We believe in what we like to think of as 'Beautiful Intelligence', innovative solutions combined with beauty creates longevity, a central ingredient in a sustainable world. 

We work as individuals, as a team and as part of other teams as we also offer our services to other design companies who need three dimensional design input to make their projects reach full potential.

Our partly mobile offices are currently in Stockholm and in Skåne in southern Sweden.

We welcome collaborations and encourage anyone interested to drop us a line.

Our Stories

Matz Borgström, industrial designer, house dj and unstoppable collector of odd and rare music, art and design, worked as an advertising Art Director before beginning Art and later Industrial Design studies at Konstfack and Birmingham Polytechninc.

Matz has an extensive knowledge and experience of design processes as well as manufacturing techniques which gives a special fluency to his work and the projects he is involved in.

He has been greatly involved in education, creating the Form department at Beckmans College of Design together with Jonas Bohlin and Thomas Sandell and later as acting head at Umeå University Industrial Design department.

Parallell with all this he is a Glass Artist, for some time emplyed at Orrefors and has had numerous exhibitions world wide.

When he doesn't design he makes music, cooks and walks beaches.


Helene Tiedemann began her design career as a fashion designer but moved on to study Industrial design Engineering at Central StMartins in London.

After college she spent time employed at architectural offices, such as David Davies Associates and Koncept Stockholm, designing hotels, exhibitions and retail environments at the same time as developing her own career as an independent furniture, textile and product designer and illustrator. She aslo had many years as an in house designer at Habitat.

She has a post graduate in Architecture and several years of Psychology studies, all contributing to a multifaceted view of the role of design in creating sustainable and life enhancing environments.

Her work ranges from small conceptual projects to large commercial interiors. She sees design as a tool both in an aesthetic sense but also as a constant force influencing most aspects of daily life. Each project,  regardless of theme, size, consumer, client or reason have its own myriad of implications to consider. 

She is passionate about teaching and has run several courses at institutions like Beckmans College of Design, Konstfack, Royal College of Art in London as well as being employed as a lecturer in Product Design at Central St.Martin. 

Helene has also held a seat on the board for Sveriges Designer, representing Furniture design.

When she doesn't design she buys too many books, sits on her porch and tries to do nothing.